Transport Division Brief Beginnings

In the Philippines…

 Manoel Banawa was a guest in the Motorcycles, Motors and Generators Show in Taipei Taiwan

During the early part of the Platinum Global Power C.E.O. Manoel Banawa; as a licensed general engineering and general contractor, established his own transport company and bus operations in the Metro Manila Franchise Line. Innately to his nature, he has started assembling his own version of second hand freight trucks with Japanese-made brand new Isuzu engines utilizing the used Mercedes Benz truck chassis and replacing the old Mercedes Benz engines with the brand new Isuzu engines that he has purchased. He then also converted and assembled his own personal car similar to the 1935 vintage model version in his early college days.

Further to his years, passenger buses and freight transport companies was operated to transport cement and lumber products. Aside from his gravel and sand operations from his Sand Mining Quarry in his hometown in Pampanga, Philippines he used this business for General Construction and Engineering Firms for construction projects.

Platinum Global Power CEO Manoel Banawa with Taiwanese Car Show Model

In the subsequent years during his college days , Noel Banawa has then purchased brand new American made International Harvester (IH brand) bus chassis with an IH engines and have organize in the assembly of its passenger bus body from one of the biggest Bus Body Builder in San Pedro, Laguna, Philippines. He then further redecorated and installed special electronic parts-devices with dancing lights and radio-stereo cassettes system with special horn and have the said buses operated in the Metro Manila franchise line. In those years, this ingenuity is already considered advance electronic devices.

This is how Manoel Banawa has started his own business in the assembly of passenger buses and freight trucks. The perks of the business is the chance to assemble a 1935 Vintage Ford for his personal use during his college days.