Precious Metals and Stones Division

stock-photo-closeup-of-big-gold-nugget-finance-concept-380082043The First World Platinum Capital Group Gold, Precious Metals & Mineral Resources Division seeks to expand in the Gold and Precious Metals business, iron ore, steam coal, metallurgical coal, and other mineral products through its business partnerships and relationships with mining companies and as well as to supply its major Chinese state-owned enterprises and trading activities, particularly, in Mainland China. In upstream sectors, First World Platinum Capital Group is also involved in areas such as gold and other precious metals and mineral trade operations, as well as in iron and steel products, and other downstream sectors. Our First World Platinum Capital Metals Group Division is also pursuing operations to innovative fields such as new energy development.

Going forward, First World Platinum Capital Metals Group division will continue to operate and promote profitable projects where it can leverage First World Platinum Capital Group’s strengths, and extend and develop its trading activities, from a medium- to long-term perspective.