Platinum Universal Motors Ltd. (England)


Platinum Universal Motors Ltd. (England) is a British-Japanese-Philippines joint-venture partnership which was established to assemble cars, mini-buses and passenger buses with its new motors technology developed in Japan for export and distribution worldwide.

platinum carUniversal MotorsBrief History

By the year 2016, partners from Japan and the United Kingdom together with Manoel Banawa from Los Angeles, California, USA have concluded in the establishment of the Platinum Universal Motors Limited. 

Now, under its Platinum Brand Motors from Japan, the export of said motor vehicles will be coursed through its United Kingdom offices, for the European market, and, in Asia through its Hong Kong Office.

In the Philippines, proposal to assemble and manufacture small-type car (initially) with the Japanese new technology motor engines are now in progress. It will feature the world’s first small car of the future.

In 2016, Platinum Universal Motors Ltd. will be launching its Platinum Car of the Future with various models to choose from. Moreover, in the later part of 2019 – 2020, Platinum Universal Motors Ltd. will be pursuing the motorcycle business, speed boats and luxury leisure boats business for these countries while adding the Philippines and Australia to its market of interest.

carshow 2
Platinum Global Power CEO Manoel Banawa with friend  model at a Car Show in Taipei, Taiwan