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(Formerly ERG Partners established in 1981, and the successor of interest to Electric Resource Group, Inc.(ERG) established in the USA in April 1994)


noel pics_china_japan 001
(From Left to Right) Congresswoman of Tokyo, Mr. Nagashima – President of Mitsui USA, Japanese Friend, Admiral of China. (Seated) Master Architect D. Sam Scheele & CEO Noel Banawa

Platinum Power Group of Companies together with Platinum Capital Europe Ltd. was established in the United Kingdom and representations in Hong Kong, Mainland China, USA, South Korea, Japan, and its Asia-Pacific Regional Office in the Philippines are a member of the Platinum Global Power Group of Companies headquartered in England and with worldwide offices and representations and the successor in interest to ERG Partners established in 1981 and Electric Resource Group, Inc. (“ERG”) which had been operating since 1994 in Los Angeles, California, United States of America has expanded tremendously in recent years, doing projects in third world and developing countries respectively in Hong Kong, Mainland China, The Asia-Pacific region, The Americas, The Middle Eastern Countries, South Korea, Singapore, England, and representations in California, U.S.A., as well as, in the Philippines. Following, Platinum Capital Europe Ltd., and affiliate of the Platinum Power Group of Companies were established in the United Kingdom (A United Kingdom based company and an affiliate of the Diamond Point Ltd established on July 23, 1992) and First World Platinum Capital Ltd. to achieve self-reliant and sustainable development. Platinum Capital maintain offices in Hong Kong, United Kingdom, the United States of America, Japan, and the Philippines, the firm was originally organized to develop, own, and operate alternative energy facilities – primarily electric co-generation plants, and power storage systems, including, in particular, in waste reprocessing and Plasma Gasification as well as, in biomass projects in the Asia-Pacific region, and in the United States of America. First World Platinum Capital’ Resource Group Division is currently completing preliminary engineering design, assembly, and financing for the supply of Japanese new technology made motors and engines for the agri-fisheries sector, and irrigation, construction, fishing boats, luxury, and leisure boats, transit system, and other usage. In order to enter into agreements in environmental friendly projects with particular emphasis in the supply and finance of the said leisure and luxury boats, and in agri-business and irrigation program of various government projects, First World Platinum Capital Motors and Generators Division has entered into contract with the private and public agencies of various government respectively for the said supply and after-sales service and finance for the said structured project funding program in various countries. In this respect, it is important to assist reforms in economic and in the public infrastructure project system, and promote economic and social infrastructure development with particular emphasis in the said agri-business, and fisheries, transportation transit system, leading to the economic effects in providing modern and brand new transport system and of expanded employment for its people – – thereby assisting in economic growth and development of countries.

The 21st century will pose significant challenges to the world economy. They will emerge as cross-border, global issues such as in transit system, food supply, global environment and poverty, and will spread to the developing countries as well as the industrial nations. It is at this juncture and such circumstances that First World Platinum Capital Group has teamed up with various leading Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, Europeans, American, The Americas and the Middle Eastern countries and with other international organizations – are vigorously engaging in international business cooperation, focusing on transport system, alternative energy as well as, in industrial, mechanical and machine tools, and agri-business development.

Responding to this concern, First World Platinum Capital Group and its Motors and Generators Division is stepping up its efforts to seek other co-participating technical and financial collaborators which also serve to raise the level of sophistication in the transport system as well as alternative energy and other related industries and uplift the living standard of third world countries such as in Third World Countries, Middle Eastern Countries, and The Americas’ and the under-developed countries in particular.

In order to provide more effective and efficient technical and financial collaboration, which carries out in seeking collaborative efforts for technical, financial and investment projects, First World Platinum Capital Group are collaborating with both public and private financial and investment organizations particularly, in Hong Kong, Mainland China, Australia, Japan, South Korea, United Kingdom. the United States of America and in other countries. At each stage of the process of drawing up preparation, First World Platinum Capital Group’s Consultancy and Implementation Management Department and its staff are undertaking continuing specific studies and participates in technical collaboration that monitor the progress of its projects. Recent cooperation has been further reinforced through execution of detailed designs of First World Platinum Capital Group projects through Platinum Capital Group development studies; carrying out Platinum Capital’s training for its staff; and the dispatching of its specialists to Platinum Capital’s overseas projects. In this way, Platinum Capital is tackling the provision of effective and efficient project undertaking through even closer collaboration with its co-participating and co-development organization. These relationships are also expected to play a vital role in transportation, environmental and social-economic sector issues.

First World Platinum Capital Group has held discussions with its co-participating partners and with major financial institutions and they are agreeable to lending and even investing to the proposed projects in various countries, and other countries in Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Mainland China, United Kingdom, and the United States of America, The Americas, and other Platinum Capital’s projects and they have pointed out the renewed interest in such projects from major financial institutions, Trusts, Foundations, and other financial institutions.


Our History
US President Ronald Reagan with CEO Noel Banawa
Sacramento, California Mayor Anne Rudin
Sacramento, California Mayor Anne Rudin Platinum Global Power CEO Noel Banawa with City of Sacramento, California Mayor Anne Rudin during her tenure. Also in the picture, Honorable. K. Takeda from Japan. Picture taken at Mayor Anne Rubin’s Office at Sacramento.

The United California Economic Development Agency (UCEDA California Initiative) is a non-profit foundation and was founded in 1989 in Sacramento and Los Angeles, California, United States of America by Manoel B. Banawa and the former top officials of the President Ronald Reagan of the United States of America and our friends and associates from Japan following the creation of its not-for-profit activities in the Philippines in the 1980s. Mr. Banawa’s .subsidiary company, Noel Banawa Construction and Engineering Group which have donated the Saint Mary’s Statue and Park in Barangay Kias, Baguio City, Philippines, including the donation of several brand-new military houses for the Philippine Military Academy (PMA”) and the City of Baguio in the Philippines as well as in securing technical grants-in-aid program and funding from Japan for the benefit of the Philippine Fisheries, Institute for the Study of Tropical Diseases and other Philippine developmental projects.

Senator & California Governor Pete Wilson
Senator & California Governor Pete Wilson (Right to Left) Platinum Global Power CEO Noel Banawa with US Senator and California Governor Pete Wilson. Picture taken at LAX Mayor Tom Bradley International Airport.

Over the course of its history, The Philippines not-for-profit Initiative together with the United California Economic Agency (“UCEDA”) has invested in various low-income housing projects broadly, from strengthening the low-income housing needs and as well as the food for families struggling with poverty to diversifying the housing projects and health care workforce to Aids-Hospice-specific initiatives since in the 1980’s that worked to reduce and prevent Aids patients and low-cost housing projects, and have promote the exports of produce of the farmers and fishermen in General Santos City – Davao City in the Philippines as well in the early 1980’s.. The UCEDA – California Initiative was also organized in the promotion and strengthening of the Asian – American socio-economic, cultural and arts, and international trade and commerce cooperation. UCEDA also invest and co-participate in our communities’ projects and partner with local organizations to provide creative solutions that respond to neighborhood development needs…

Mayor of Los Angeles, California Tom Badley
Los Angeles, California Mayor Tom Badley In this picture, Global Power CEO Noel Banawa is in a meeting with three(3) termed Mayor of Los Angeles, Tom Badley (far right). In this meeting, humanitarian and other development project is in discussion. Also in this picture situated beside Noel Banawa is Banker and Developer Ray Watt followed by Honorable K. Takeda.

The lessons learned from these early investments and the not-for-profit initiatives were the genesis for bringing low-cost houses for low income group families and Health Happens and Building Healthy Aids Hospice program plan. By taking an upstream approach that emphasizes prevention on a community level, The UCEDA-California Initiative and the Philippine low-cost housing projects believes that it can provide housing needs for the low-income families, particularly in Baguio City, in the Philippines. The UCEDA California Initiative program is now embarking for not-for-profit undertaking in Asia through its offices in Japan, Hong Kong, Mainland China, the Philippines, United Kingdom, Australia, and the United States of America. Platinum Capital Group. is now pursuing this efforts with the cooperation of major companies worldwide, state-owned enterprises, and governments, and the private sector..