Media Productions Division

The Future…

An abyss of infinite possibilities…

Of unlearning and relearning of realities that defies perceptions…

The Future…

Were the truth is abstract…

Platinum Global Power acknowledges that the future will have key players and those key players will move the future within its palm. And, Media, the traditional and the digital realms, is a key player with major influence, both foreseen and unseen. Media will have infinite capabilities which we may only discover as we move towards the dawning of the imminent transformation of the world as we know it. Resistance is futile. Those who could manipulate or adapt with the evolution will create and lead this future parallel to the world as they see it; and want it, in their minds eye.

Singer Model from our Talent Pool

Platinum Global Power’s Media Productions Division will move in parallel to the fast changing and continually evolving schemes, strategies and technologies of this industry. With the support from partners and colleagues whose experience in this industry goes over than two decades, this venture of Platinum Global Power will create new ideas and innovations that will redefine this line of business. Through a proposed conglomerate of companies to explore the different avenues of this industry, Platinum Global Power will redesign, restructure and fund the companies to better their capabilities and coping capacity of the changes in this industry.

From businesses that focuses on provisions of technical and support systems team, equipment and technology, to managing artists and talents, and, producing and funding creative teams for their necessities and requirements, Platinum Global Power will move from social and corporate events towards investing on event places, boutique hotels and destinations places for this industry .

Platinum Global Power will also create “Clay Media Production and Marketing Solutions”, a company powered by marketing and sales experts that will ensure the success of this business both for profit and in popularity. With all the glitz and glamour attached to this business, Platinum Global Power will find a new source of energy that will rekindle their corporate culture into a new avenue that may be fun, exciting and profitable.

The Sentimental Groove International

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Clay Media Productions and Marketing Solutions

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