Kenaf Plant for Paper Pulping


Kenaf is regarded as an industrial crop and belongs to family Malvaceae along with hibiscus (Hibiscus hibiscum L.), hollyhock (Althaea rosea), cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.), and okra (Hibiscus esculentus). Kenaf is grown commercially in different countries including Malaysia. It is undoubtedly the utmost important cultivated plant for fiber globally, next to cotton, a short day, herbaceous 4000 years old, original crop which is endemic to ancient Africa. It has a precise promising prospect because of its long fibers derived from outer fibrous bark, the bast with great potential in the biocomposite industry. The plant possess a wider range of adaptation to environments, climates, soils, and are rich sources of cellulose compared to any of other fiber plant in profitable manufacture industry.

Kenaf reveals a virtuous source of high and improved quality cordage fiber which can be processed into a variety of goods such as fiber and particle boards, fiber-reinforced plastic components, pulp and paper, chemical absorbents, and many others. The tensile strength and modulus of solo kenaf fiber is found to be as high as 11.9 and 60 GPa, respectively. All the components of kenaf plant, leaves, seeds, bast fiber, and core, are of industrial importance. The countless variabilities in the utilization of kenaf only because of its appropriateness as construction material (such as boards of different densities, breadths, along with fire and insect resistance), adsorbent, textile, livestock feed, and fibers in original and reprocessed plastics are demonstrated by many recent studies and research efforts are increasing nowadays. Numerous other kenaf fiber products are also being developed and marketed. Thus, it is important to gather the information of its constituents and the matters governing the composition of the plant.

Platinum Global Power and the Kenaf Plant

Collaboration with the Japan Kenaf Association in developing the applications and market for kenaf pulp in Japan to promote kenaf pulp as an environmentally friendly alternative to produce more pulp from our limited forests as been favorably endorsed by its president, Dr. Hiroshi Inagaki of Kyoto, Japan.

In Anhui Province, China, its people has a thousand-year history of cultivating the Kenaf Plant.

Anhui Province, China
CCP (Chinese Communist Party) Secretary representing the Anhui Province
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Chinese officials of Anhui Province.