Who We Are

Platinum Global Power is the accumulation of Global Partnerships, whence innovative propositions, financial solutions, market exploration, global associations and business ventures are harnessed to achieve the best possible solution to every endeavor presented by the clients.

(from l to r): Developer Kent Merselis, Developer, Banker & Secretary of Housing Ray Watt, USA President Ronald Reagan & CEO Manoel Banawa.

“Mission and Vision”

  • To promote socio-economic and international trade cooperation and transparency on every undertaking, thus, would establish an “oak-strong” foundation between partners and colleagues.
  • To create a Corporate Culture that aims innovation and ingenuity, precision and professionalism, hard work and loyalty amongst all individuals and entities involved in the company.
  • To bridge new horizons and achieve greater feats on all and every endeavor that the company placed under their keen sights.
  • To create and rebuild the future today, hence creating an improved world for the coming generation to learn with and live by.

Management Team

Jim Braddock, Co-Chairman & Co-CEO


Manoel Banawa, Co-Chairman & Co-CEO

Noel Pic ID China
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John HW Lee, Director for Construction and Development


Christian Banawa, President

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Katherine Banawa, Vice President for Operations

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Li Fangzi, Vice President – MarketingNiuNiu solo picture