Fortune Motors Corporation (USA)


Fortune Motors _GAAC Bus Signing Ceremony-Guangzhou, China
Manoel Banawa during the signing ceremony in Guangzhou, China  for a JV with GAAC Bus (China) is a state-owned
enterprise and assembler of Toyota cars and buses in China.

In the year 2013, Manoel Banawa has co-established and co-founded Fortune Motors Corporation in the United States of America. With a view to promote its own brand of Fortune Motors’ Buses in collaboration with Mainland China state-owned Bus and Car Assembly Enterprise. Fortune Motors Corporation then went on to Taipei, Taiwan for partnership and expansion. The strategic move will also help promote the project.

Fortune Motors Corporation (USA) Model Bus

Fortune Motors Corporation spearheads the transport division of our organization. With the newest trends and designs as well as the latest in technology, Fortune Motors Corporation has created buses, mini-bus, cars and trucks efficient and sufficient to the growing needs of our expanding world.

Fortune Motors Corporation, bringing you to where you need to be.

with simangot
With Chinese ladies bankers – friends In Shenzen City, China

In our adherence to innovation and creativity, we gathered the youngest minds and the maverick hearts to explore the possibilities of the transport industry. In lieu, we have developed ideas that will shape the future for the generation today to experience.




The picture was taken in Guangzhou, China. At our Guangzhou, China Office with partners and friends