Electric Cars and Buses

We have commenced our Platinum Car Development of the future in 2016. Our Platinum Car Development will be described by the following each stages in introducing our electric cars to the Market.

Stage 1

Small electric car (for 2-4 passengers seating capacity) without IT technologies that we can provide to consumers as an option dependent on customers choice from our line of models.

Stage 2

Electric Bus (for 10 – 20 passengers capacity such as small sized Trucks, Electric cars for various models or for special
purposes and for other business purpose use)

Stage 3

According to the multi-purpose use special design electric cars, luxurious electric cars with IT Smart Car

Stage 4

Internet of Things (IoT) electric cars of various models for all business use

Stage 5

Electric Cars For the Future

The future is in your hands…

Firstly, Platinum Universal Motors Ltd. will be building a platform to charge the parts and battery of the Electric Vehicle(EV). This platform or device can provide the “Original Special Motor” sufficient battery and would be user-friendly even during outdoors. Every Electric Vehicle will be built in accordance to each country’s transport vehicle regulations and will be designed to the country’s most common terrain. This project will ensure that the production technology of the Electric Vehicle is available to every country of operation.

To achieve the goal of The production of an Electric Vehicle will pose a challenge but the goal is to create a fast and systemic

The most common problem with electric cars is the charging system. We can do it from the production of 100,000 current parts in 1/100 in assembling and the production of the vehicles of the Vehicle of the Future by becoming the electric car in particular. In accordance with such a background of the present which is complicated, and simplify a vehicle production system in as much as possible. In other words, we are enabled by the production of vehicles in-house within a country that we can work with in any place/country that are friendly. However, the fatal defect of the current electric car is a charge system.

The infrastructure is necessary, and users must always mind residual quantities of the electric capacity according to a country, and the charge system still holds problems for the spread of electric cars of some enriched things in the luxury model.

In us, We adopt a technique of MOTOR GENERATOR where we serve as a system and a charge system generating electricity in the vehicle and attached the issue of charge to and develop the electric car which charge is unnecessary for basically.

Furthermore, we became able to make a production base at every place of the world because EV unit and a chassis and a wheel developed the platform attached to mainly in Asia and could put the original body of the user together. When it comes to the design works and the vehicle design that we can provide a virtual body by the Computer CAD system which they can design three-dimensionally. Match the demand according to the purpose of each country and the exterior of the demand with this EV platform and can produce a great variety of EV. We can decide it freely in conformity to a pass and each area and market including the truck.