Co-Generation Complex

GEMs Industries Building Complex_China
Proposed GEM Complex – Building and Hotel

Platinum Global Power has planned a 200-MW coal-fired co-generation complex in a joint-venture with an established chemicals and paper maker in certain region of China. The proposed facilities will re-power the existing plant as well as new installations for making paper, industrial gases, cement castings, a dairy, greenhouses, and a distillery. In a separate Project in an existing undeveloped industrial tract for a certain location in China, Platinum Global Power has planned a 100-MW coal-fired co-generation plant to produce industrial gases,non-wood paper pulp for export, refined corn products, and concrete castings.

Platinum Global Power has teamed up with various leading American, Canadian, European, Chinese, and Japanese and with other international organizations – are vigorously engaging in international business cooperation, focusing on coal-fired power plants, wastes reprocessing and Plasma Gasification projects, pulp and paper and alternative energy as well as related industrial development. Responding to this concern, Platinum Global Power is stepping up its efforts to seek other co-participating technical and financial collaborators which also serve to raise the level of sophistication of the coal-fired power plants, production of environmentally friendly kenaf pulp and paper and waste reprocessing projects as well as alternative energy and other related industries and uplift the living standard of such countries as the Philippines in particular.