Buendia Drainage System

Flood Control Project
and other Major Project Developments

This joint project is between a Construction & Development Group (a team of Filipino Construction Group, Philippines), spearheaded by CEO Noel Banawa, and the Nanyo-Doken Construction Co.; a major Japanese General Construction Company from Okinawa, Japan. Together, the two construction company is involved in the funding, development, and construction of the Buendia Outfall Sewage System; erected in Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines, for a flood control project.

The site is in a prime location; with an approximate of 20 minutes on-foot-travel from the business district of Ayala Avenue, that provides a flood control and sewage system towards the Manila Bay passing through Roxas Boulevard in Manila.

The architectural design was executed by internationally renowned architect and general engineers from Japan and in the Philippines. This Buendia Flood Control Project was built and undertaken during his active years in the Construction and Development in the Philippines.

This project marks the start of Platinum Global Power CEO Noel Banawa’s hiatus in the project funding, construction and development, and, overseas construction and development – investment – funding projects. As a part of its long-term goal of strengthening its global and its funding group (headquartered in the United Kingdom), Platinum Global Power CEO Noel Banawa intends to explore further funding, investment and development opportunities in the Philippines, the Middle East, the African region as well as other areas in Asia through its Sovereign Guarantee program with friendly countries for funding and development.

Moreover, Platinum Global Power CEO Noel Banawa was also involve in the multi-million pesos sub-contracting and supply of plumbing materials and plumbing pipes for such projects as the Central Bank of the Philippines and the Cultural Center of the Philippines on Roxas Boulevard, Manila, Philippines; besides his other agri-business irrigation projects in various provinces in the Philippines which were funded by the World Bank through the Central Bank of the Philippines funding program.