Best Option Mini Mart

This is a case study and a proposal for a Mini Mart conducted in the Philippines.

Best Option Mini Mart

Eat… Experience… Enjoy

Who we are…

Best Option Mini Mart is the consumers best option for their daily and other necessities. It is a retail store that hopes to promote the ingenuity, art, craftsmanship, cuisine and agriculture of the Filipino people. With its mission to create an avenue for the small-medium enterprises from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao to their would be customers, Best Option Mini Mart will showcase the alternative products that best replaces the commercialized goods that we have been taking since forever. Branding this goods to a quality that equals its competition, this mini mart will put together a product line that allows the consumer to eat, experience and enjoy products that the regions and provinces of the Philippines are best known for. In lieu, this mini mart will also promulgate awareness in health, environment, culture and heritage of the Filipino.


  • To create an avenue for SME from the Philippines to the end Consumers using the traditional and digital means of trading.
  • To create a Filipino Version of existing product lines with a branding that would compete with existing commercial goods.
  • To encourage the Filipino to create new product lines based on the provinces and regions of the Philippines, may it be from the cultural, agricultural or natural resources.
  • With this product line that are completely Filipino made, Best Option Mini Mart hopes to promote in their establishments a new option that would serve the best interest of the Filipino people.

Best Option Mini Mart

Best Option Mini Mart is a Mini Market with an exciting, unique and innovative product line. With a branding to compete with commercialized products, Best Option Mini Mart, will ensure patrons of the highest quality with competitive pricing. It will be the healthy and environment-friendly option that prioritize the product of the Filipino Ingenuity, Natural Resources, Agriculture and Cuisine, and, History and Heritage. Going from region to region to accumulate an array of SME Partners, the Mini Mart can present the better alternative against commercialized products.

Best Option Mini Mart will also have a product not of Filipino in origins yet Filipinos surely enjoyed with family and friends – Pizza, Burger and Pasta. Named “Papa’s, Pizza, Burger and Pasta” this will have a small dine-in area to help with customer traffic into the mini mart. With an On-Line Marketing Method, “Papa’s Pizza, Burger and Pasta” will have a take out or delivery option of sales and service. This is conceptualized to create a marketing leverage through the use the internet and social media against a simple mini mart alone.

In lieu with take-out counters, Mini Mart will have a Marketing and Sales Team dedicated to On-Line Selling of the product lines. With Bloggers and SEO Expertise, the Marketing Personnel will create the traffic into the website and the sales team will execute the sales either through phone calls, on-line communications or via personal transaction counter. Dubbed as “Personal Marketer” or “Taga-pamalengke”, the sales team will also be the customers on-line help to get their items prepared and be ready for pick-up or delivery. This take-out counters will be a sure hit for the millennial young generation of Filipinos who are always on the go.

For the Filipinos who needs a mobile office, Best Option Mini Mart will have a office-cafe area where people can do their meetings and gatherings. Cafe has been the top choice in the country to meet your friends and family, kill time, do your on line or laptop activities, and, transact your business with your colleagues. The office-cafe, dubbed as “Penbrew Cafe” will create a haven for business and family. This will also offer a Xerox Machine Printing Counter for those who need such. This is area will be shared with “Papa’s Pizza, Burger and Pasta” as well as to the customers who wants to consume their items bought at the mini mart.

The Mini Mart Establishment

The Best Option Mini Mart is being suggested to be situated in an acquired land or lot and be constructed and erected in subdivisions, barangays (disctricts) or a residential areas. With a populous accessible to the consumers, the patronage of the said mini mart will be a guarantee. Loan-able land or lot area are numerous in the country. With easy payment schemes, the mini mart will also obtain an investment through the rapidly growing realty business in the country.

Since the idea is to acquire a lot or a land, an are of a 200 square meters can be fitting for the project. The price range of this land or lot area is parallel to the location or city of the project. A study follows below for the pricing of this land or lot with an estimated market or consumers within the area:

  • Manila – Mandaluyong – Makati – San Juan
    • Relatively, a 160 to 200 square meter residential area in this location will cost between 8 million pesos to 15 million pesos with a residential population of 5,000 to 11,000 individuals for an area of 12 to 17 hectares variably.
  • 60 to 80 Kilometer away from Manila South Bound (Tagaytay and Laguna)
    • Tagaytay Commercial Area – Cost per square meters = 5,000Php to 8,000Php
      • Possible consumers in the vicinity
        • Tourist per year as of 2014 – 2 Million Individuals (Data from Tagaytay Tourism Development Office)
        • Visiting Locals – Top Destinations for Manila Locals – est. 2,000 visitors daily
    • Tagaytay Residential Area – Cost per square meters = 3,500Php to 5,000Php
      • Barangay Maitim
        • Population – 4,590
        • Size of Area – 5900 Hectares
    • Tagaytay Over-Looking Area – Cost per square meters = 8,000Php to 25,000Php
      • Top locations for tourist and locals with a 200 visits from locals, tourist and manila-based visitors per establishments
    •  Laguna Residential Area
      • Laguna Residential Area – Cost per square meters = 3,500Php to 5,000Php
        • Barangay 1 Poblacion
          • Population – 6,500
          • Size of Area – 29 Hectares

*NOTE: The study made for Tagaytay City is similar to locations labeled as a tourist location in the country.

  • Ground Level Commercial Area of a Condominium (For Lease Only)
    • Makati Prime Area – (100 Square Meters) = Php150,000
    • Makati Inner Semi-Prime Area – (100 Square Meters) = Php75,000
    • Makati Inner Area – (100 Square Meters) = Php50,000
    • Mandaluyong Prime Area – (100 Square Meters) = Php75,000
    • Mandaluyong Inner Semi-Prime Area – (100 Square Meters) = Php50,000
    • Mandaluyong Inner Area – (100 Square Meters) = Php35,000
    • Antipolo Prime Area – (100 Square Meters) = Php50,000
    • Antipolo Inner Semi-Prime Area – (100 Square Meters) = Php20,000
    • Antipolo Inner Area – (100 Square Meters) = Php15,000

*NOTE: The study may be similar to locations in Quezon City vs Makati City, Ortigas City vs Makati City and Mandaluyong City vs San Juan City.

  • 25 to 60 Kilometer east of Manila (Antipolo to Tanay, Rizal)
    • Marcos Highway Area – Cost per aquare meters = 2,500Php to 5,000Php
    • Antipolo – Cost Square Meters = 2,000Php to 8,000Php
    • Tanay, Rizal = 1,500Php to 5,000Php
  • North of Manila – Bulacan and Quezon City
    • Relatively, Bulacan is similar to the pricing of Antipolo and Laguna.
    • Quezon City shares the study with Manila, Mandaluyong and Tagaytay.

RENT or LEASE – This option is also available. Pricing will vary depending on the city and location of the establishment.

Sample Products and Branding Suggestions

celebes-banana-chipsHere is a sample product with a competitive branding.

  • Celebes Banana Chips are made from Philippine Banana of the Saba and Cardava variety. The bananas are picked in their mature green stage, peeled, washed, sliced and fried in fresh refined vegetable oil. The chips does not contain any artificial additives. The average size is 20-25 mm in diameter and thickness of 4.0 mm more or less.

Other Products

Calamansi Juice Wars is now happening in Davao. With amount ranging from 26php to 30php, this product is a sure hit against your regular sodas.

Calauan Laguna Rice is Php2,300 per sack in retail. Costing Php46 per kilo, an average Filipino family consumes one kilo per day. But, it is natural for Filipino family to have second degree relatives in their household, then, some family consumes 2 kilos a day of rice.

The malong is a traditional “tube skirt” made of handwoven or machine-made multi-colored cotton cloth, bearing a variety of geometric or okir designs. The malong is directly akin to the sarong worn by peoples in other parts of Maritime Southeast Asia (Malaysia, Brunei, East Timor and Indonesia), and is the etymological cognate of the Polynesian malo (loincloth). The malong is traditionally used as a garment by numerous tribes in the Southern Philippines and the Sulu Archipelago and was historically worn throughout the archipelago by lowland maritime groups.

mindanao accesories
Accessories and Clothing that are from the heritage of Filipinos and twerked to mee the trending fashion of today’s generation.

Fruits, Vegetables, Meat Shop and Poultry Products

This section of the mini mart will be devoted to region and provinces with the best to offer.  e.g. Nueva Ecija and Tanay Veggies, Bulacan Eggs, Batangas and Tagaytay Beef, Davao Banana, General Santos Tuna, Infanta Quezon Fish Products, etc… When the company can accommodate bulk orders, most of these products will be imported from Mindanao due to higher quality of goods and really low prices. The On-Line marketers and sales personnel will also offer wholesale of these products to hotels, restaurants and other business similar with.

Sales and Marketing Strategy

The study conducted is based on the needs of the consumers as they require changes in their routines. This is the main goal of the mini mart – “To offer top quality products with competitive pricing which will be beneficiary for the Filipino people, consumers and producers altogether.”

An average Barangay or district in Manila has a population of 8,000 to 15,000 residents, more or less. The initial goal is to acquire at least 10 percent of a family’s consumption of groceries, snack foods, confectionery, drinks, liquor,  tobacco products, over-the-counter drugs, toiletries, newspapers, and magazines. Also, the poultry, fish, meat and veggie section will act as a wet market that would suffice the consumers daily meals.  The mission to be the consumers “daily go-to” is the directive.

ROI Guarantee

The following below is the least possible sales from the least possible consumers capacity to buy. This ensures the investors of the guarantee of success in this business venture. Based on a family of four to five members and with a lower capacity to buy, the computation is the example of how a low sales would project.

Consumers Daily Expenses for Food (Family of 4 to 5)

  • One Meal
    • 1 kilo of rice – Php52
    • 1 kilo of meat
      • Beef – Php250
      • Chicken – Php180
      • Pork – Php220
      • Fish – Php200
    •   Garnish – Php30
    • Drinks – Php20

Estimated Total – Php300

This estimate is based on the expenses of a family below the middle-class category in the country. A family with two adult with a stable income would spend up to Php500 daily for their food. Also,”baon” or food for kids in school also ranges from Php50 to 100Php per kid. And, afternoon siestas would also costs Php100 to Php200. Therefore, on a good day, an average family spends Php400 a day.

With this estimates in mind, the goal is to attain Php50 Net income from each family of a Barangay or a radius of influence within a population of 10,000. The following computation below is the estimated earnings:

  • Families per radius of influence from the location (10,000 Population) of the mini mart – 3,400 Families
  • 10 Percent of the Families is 340 Customers or Families
  • 340 Families multiplied by Php50 net income is Php17,000 a day.

The total net income for a year is Php6,205,000.


  • This is a soft estimate.
  • Computation is based on a family’s expenses with lesser means.
  • Mostly, the products sold for this computation is based on the daily consumption of families which includes primarily – meat, rice, student’s food, garnish and other similar to such.

– End of Study –

Personal note:

I spend almost Php700 daily for my family’s daily needs. That does not include toothpaste, soaps, detergents, pesticides, siestas and celebrations, clothing, school and office materials, expenses for meetings at coffee shops and etc…, and, other unexpected expenses. I, may say, the routine of the lifestyle of the Filipino people is about to change due to the influence of society, new technology, internet and the evolution of trade and commerce. An option that will best suit me must be healthy, efficient and cheap. Commercialized products may only offer one or two but not all three. The marketing design of the study is the wave of the future of trading and being able to cope with it is the key element to success in the new generation.