Agri-Business Division

rice211471138584Platinum Global Power and its Agri-Business Division aims to improve the health of consumers and ensure environmental sustainability of vegetable farming. This is achieved through collaborative research, partnerships, and the strengthening of the national agricultural research and extension systems (with emphasis in vegetables from our Japanese technical associates) for the countries we work in.

Our Goals in the Agri-Business Sector

Platinum Global Power Agri-Business aligns with the objectives of the Global Food for Health that coordinates vegetable research among our Japanese technical experts, colleagues and worldwide working partners.

agriOur research agenda and policies are determined by our Agri-Business Division. Guided by inputs from our Japanese Partners (who are also are the end users), and by our staff and research team.

Agri-Business for Good Health, through improved and diversified vegetables-based systems, ensures that vegetable production is stable and sustainable, does create harm to the environment, and, can cope with climate change.

stock-photo-garden-plants-tomato-tomato-tomato-vine-ripe-tomatoes-yellow-tomatoes-are-grown-590046986Platinum Global Power hopes to achieve:

  1. Improvement the nutrition and health of our consumers.
  2. Provide equitable access to information and knowledge on vegetables and help develop the next generation of vegetable farming.
  3. Provide clients and producers with the genetic information and materials they need to develop.
  4. Improved technologies and enhance vegetable farming and production.

Through our resilience and perseverance, we hope to be on top of our endeavors and lead the next generation to a better world yielding a legacy well rooted upon our corporate culture.