Platinum Global Power

Platinum Global Power is part of the Platinum Group organisation (“The Group”) and was established in collaboration with its associated partners from the United States of America, Great Britain, Australia and Asia. With offices in Hong Kong, China, Australia, Great Britain, Japan, South Korea, Philippines and the United States of America, the magnitude of its influence, representations and affiliates scales worldwide.

Platinum Global Power has combined its expertise and experience to form an International Trading Platform organisation, structured project finance, trade finance, leasing, motors and generators, international trade and development, non-profit foundation and in socio-economic, cultural and arts. The Group commenced operations initially in order to further the objective of promoting international trade and development, project finance, development of industries, operations and management with a view to establishing and operating an International Project Development and Trade Finance (IPDTF) as well.

Platinum Global Power is also shipping oil from Russia to Mainland China and other countries.

From there, Platinum Global Power’s charter has expanded considerably with growth in not only the scope of its operations and services but also in the size of its investment funds. Within the Group are a number of operating entities providing a wide range of services to business within the Asia –Pacific region, Mainland China, Japan, South Korea, The Asean countries, United States of America, Americas, Australia, United Kingdom and Middle Eastern countries.

The services provided by these Group entities include:

  1. Investment
  2. Business finance
  3. International Trade & Development
  4. Iron Ore, Steam Coal, and other minerals
  5. LNG, Crude oil, M-100, D-2, Jet-Fuel and other Oil Derivatives
  6. Industrial Development and Multi-Purpose Industrial & Commercial Projects
  7. Pre-Fab Housing and Residential Apartment Complexes
  8. Sports Centres and Stadium
  9. Events and Entertainment
  10. Realty
  11. Food Products which include sugar, seafood, and other commodities
  12. Wines and winery farm
  13. Agri-business and fisheries
  14. Construction Materials
  15. Agricultural Machineries and Equipment
  16. Coal-fired  & Co-generation plant
  17. Solar Technology & Development
  18. Wind Power Generation
  19. Biomass
  20. Energy & Utilities
  21. General Importers & Exporters
  22. Fund raising at domestic and overseas capital
  23. Securing of Loans for Offshore Contract Projects and overseas
  24. investments and financial services
  25. Structured Project Finance and Investments
  26. Credit Card Tech
  27. Leisure and luxury boats with advance electronic motors
  28. Motors and generators
  29. Design, Planning, Engineering, Construction, and Developers
  30. Management and Business Consulting

We, at Platinum Global Power, will persevere to look forward in establishing extensive influence and in expanding cooperation with friends in financial, economic, trade sectors in both public and private partnerships at home and abroad.