Health and Beauty Care Division

NiuNiu solo picture
Li Fangzi (Niu Niu)

The Health and Beauty Care Business is the fastest trending industry of the millennia. Consumers are now aware of the “must-have” and the “must-do” to keep themselves involved in the changing world of the twentieth century. Platinum Global Power’s Health and Beauty Care Division, together with their Japanese and Korean Partners, are now in the scene of this booming industry. As part of the mission to give customers the best, this division will showcase a sophisticated product line with the finest quality. To be sold in Asia and Europe, this division will be operated by a Business Process Outsourcing Company in the Philippines. The company in the Philippines will be a retail outlet and an on-line shop with English Speaking Sales Representative. Retailing with top outlets in the Philippine will also be a priority. This division will also recruit production houses to create ads and viral videos to help promote this division. Led by Chinese Model Li Fangzi, as Vice President for Marketing, the success of this division will be a click away.

Korean Cosmetic Products

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