Construction and Development Division

Platinum Global Power’s Construction and Development Division is the product of the “forty-year” experience of our CEO, Manoel Banawa as a Licensed General Engineering and Contractor. With its roots from developing housing projects (and more) in the Philippines, this division became an accumulation of various projects and businesses acquired through the trust and confidence of affiliates from the international business community. In lieu, business ventures were undertaken by CEO Manoel Banawa which encompasses a variety of industries with particulars from the Agri-Business, Power Generation and other Alternative Energy Resources worldwide.

Together with its collaborating partners, Diamond Point Ltd. and Sonata Trading Ltd., both are U.K. based companies and members of Platinum Global Power Group together with its South Korean = Japanese – Philippines, this division now stretches globally and has emerged from its humble beginnings into obtaining visionary projects from around the world that may staple the company into history.


Platinum Global Power has redefined its corporate structure to cope better to the ever changing millennia. This division is now spearheaded by its colaborating UK, South Korean – Japanese – Philippines and has formed an elite development team that will ensure the best result for every task, goals and endeavor of the company.


Contract Signing with CEO Manoel Banawa and with China Railways, and its construction and engineering division
Picture Taken at Shenzhen, China

Platinum Global Power CEO Manoel Banawa has developed and operated domestic biomass business in the State of Oregon, USA through its company “The Biomass One Operating Co. Inc.”. With various environmentally-friendly energy sources such as biomass, solar, wind, hydro and thermal, Platinum Global Power will continue contributing to the stable supply of electricity and help in activating the local economy through the introduction of this project.

More of the projects and endeavor are presented in the links below under “Construction and Development Projects”.

CEO Manoel Banawa at a Contract  Signing for Coal-Fired Power Plant in China.


Platinum Global Power will invest in the construction and operation of a biomass co-firing power project located in key selected cities in Japan, the Philippines, and in other countries in the Asia – Pacific region. This visionary project will also move further in the Philippines and in some other neighboring countries.

Wind Power Generation Project

Moreover, Platinum Global Power is also pursuing the Wind Power Generation Project in various countries through a Joint Venture Agreement with state-owned power utility enterprises. Also, affiliations and partnerships with major power company for its technical and engineering expertise are in the works now and hopefully be for completion by the end of the year 2019 – 2020..

money-calculator.jpg9B US$ Project for the Asia – Pacific Region

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Construction and Development Projects

Co-Generation Complex

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Plasma Gasification Coalplex

(Integrated with Kenaf Pulp Processing)

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Biomass Power Plant

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Buendia Drainage System

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