Automotive Engineering Division

There can be no doubt that the transportation sector is the most critical sector of our economy.

“Change” is deemed as the only thing permanent in this world. As parallel as the swift hand of change in our society and in technology, so does the growth of the economy of cities and countries who were able to cope up with this changes. The infrastructures and expansion of cities and countries are now moving from the urban towards the rural sector in a pace faster than these past years. Influenced by the massive growth in our population, the economy of every countries who needs to be a key player in the new millennia must devise a methodology of bringing people a convenient and efficient way of mobility and ability to do business. Thus, the need for new technology in the transport sector is essential for every growing nation.

The Transport Division in our organization is committed to create solutions to bring the technology into every doorstep of every millennial individual, company, city or country. The experience of the people behind this division is the foundation of our wisdom in this business.

The following picture below are links that would further give you an idea of our expertise in the transport industry.

Fortune Motors Corporation (USA)

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Platinum Universal Motors Ltd. (England)

platinum car
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Electric Cars and Buses

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Humble Beginnings

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